Weather forecast today – Snow blast to FREEZE Britain for 5 days says Met Office as temperatures DROP to Arctic -12C

British Gas to visit around 100,000 homes in coming weeks

An estimated 100,000 homes may need vital boiler checks, repairs and maintenance over the next two weeks, British Gas has estimated.

The firm says the next few weeks will be crucial as Jack Frost comes to visit.

Joanna Flowers, a British Gas service and repair engineer, said: “The next couple of weeks could be the first test for many households’ heating systems this year.

“We know that having no heating or hot water is people’s worst winter nightmare in the home, so rather wait for the cold weather to set in before finding out something’s not working as it should be, we’re advising households to prepare now. 

“Looking after your boiler is key, as well as making a few small changes around the home to ensure the rest of your heating and hot water system is working effectively and efficiently. And remember, a heating system that’s in good shape also won’t use more energy than it needs – which will help keep your bills down.

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