Tom Brady tweets victory hype video ahead of Week 13

Tom Brady posted his (almost) weekly Buccaneers victory tweet Tuesday evening with the short but sweet caption: W.

“Alright so I’m a little late on our victory post. Been a busy couple days, but ready to get back at it and happy to be 8-3,” Brady began. Not even going into the team’s hard fought win in Indianapolis, Brady dove right into his focus: Week 13.

This isn’t just another game, and the Buccaneers star quarterback knows it. Week 13 brings the challenge of Tampa Bay’s biggest division opponent, the Atlanta Falcons. They are second in the NFC South behind the Bucs with a record of 5-6. Even with a losing record, Brady knows that he and his team need to bring their A game.

“Huge division opponent on the road. It doesn’t get any bigger than this,” Brady said regarding Week 13. This is coming from a man who has played in TEN Super Bowls.

One of Tampa Bay’s three losses came from their Week 10 matchup against the Washington Football Team. Washington was 2-6 before the upset win, so records mean nothing to Brady. He is set on keeping his foot on the gas come Sunday in Atlanta.

If the Buccaneers take the win in Atlanta, they will increase their lead in the NFC South with a record of 9-3. The Falcons would fall to 5-7. However, if the Falcons win, they will improve to a 0.500 record of 6-6 and the Bucs will have a much smaller, two-game lead with a record of 8-4.

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