The Best Relics and Resonance for Li Ling (Nezha) Guide

Li Ling is an extremely popular character, not only because he’s very powerful, but mainly because he’s one of the two possible guaranteed pulls for starting players. His great elemental typing, high AoE and single-target damage, and AP-absorbing abilities allow him to destroy most teams who aren’t prepared to swing faster. In this guide, we will be showing you his abilities, best relics, and ideal team composition.

Li Ling Abilities Overview

Li Ling’s basic ability is Lanceburner. When performed, Li Ling deals damage to a single enemy and absorbs 15% of their AP. It’s a fairly simple ability that works greatly in his favor, as the AP absorption makes his turns come sooner. When paired with the Sword Avatara Set, Li Ling can farm XP stages pretty quickly due to frequent AP absorptions. 

Li Ling’s first special ability is Tai Chi. When performed, he attacks the targeted enemy 5 times, with each hit healing the caster and dealing true damage based on the target’s max HP. This is an incredible ability for dealing tons of damage against bosses and high-HP enemies, though be very careful in using it against Apep. This ability also allows him to sustain large amounts of HP without the need of a healer, thereby reducing the need for the Hades Set in high-level encounters.

Li Ling’s second special ability is Altar. Li Ling attacks all enemies thrice, each dealing basic damage with additional true damage based on the enemies’ max HP. The final strike of this attack also steals 10% of their AP, allowing him to cycle quickly into the next turn. 

Li Ling’s captain ability provides 30% ATK to the whole squad, which is magnificent for beginners and early levels. Once you start to delve into the Tower and Point Wars however, you might find this bonus less appealing than SPD% bonuses, but ATK% may still come in handy for general content. 

Li Ling Guide: Best Relics for Li Ling

PvE Set: Hades 4-piece, Sword Avatara 2-piece

Una II: C.Rate, Una IV: ATK%, Mui II: ATK%/SPD

Resonance: ATK

This set is designed for farming difficult practice stages, which is necessary for speed-leveling Espers and Starimons. With this sustain-oriented equipment, Li Ling can solo almost any practice stage, making as much space in the squad for leveling units. Situationally, this set can also be used for prolonged fights like bosses or certain floors in the tower.

Point War / DPS Set: Wind Walker 4-piece, Fiery Incandescence 2-piece

Una II: C.DMG, Una IV: ATK%, Mui II: ATK%/SPD

Because Li Ling has built-in AP Absorption, having a decent amount of SPD actually helps him a lot at cycling through abilities. Wind Walker is a popular set that allows Li Ling to catch up with many control units, while Fiery Incandescence is very important for scaling his high ATK stat to make his devastating abilities even more painful.


Li Ling (Nezha) is an Esper that’s absolutely worth investing in, and if you just got him, there’s really no other Esper to max out first other than him. His versatility across all content and immense power is definitely something you want to consider, especially in a game where upgrade resources are not too abundant.

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