Stephen Curry trolls Boston fans with epic Ayesha Curry shirt

Stephen Curry is arguably the pettiest player in the NBA today. The Golden State Warriors star has always made sure to clap back at anyone who tries to troll him. So when a few Boston fans took a potshot at Curry’s wife Ayesha, Steph made sure to craft a response for them.

His response came in a hilarious shirt he wore after the Warriors’ Game 5 win against the Celtics. Steph’s shirt was a plain white shirt with just the words, “Ayesha Curry CAN cook”. Classic petty Steph behavior right there. (via ClutchPoints)

Curry’s shirt is in response to a viral image earlier. A sign in a Boston restaurant simply read, “Ayesha Curry can’t cook”. It was a clever diss at the very least, using Curry’s “chef” moniker against him. However, knowing the Warriors star’s Twitter habits, it was inevitable that Curry would see this image.

While Ayesha may very well be a good cook, Chef Stephen Curry wasn’t cooking at all in Game 5. While his passing and his slashing game was on-point, his three-point shooting was weirdly off. The Warriors star failed to make a shot from three for the entire game, marking the first time it’s ever happened in his playoff career.

Curry has a chance to show off his cooking skills in Boston one final time. The Warriors will look to close out the Finals in Game 6 in front of a thunderous Celtics fanbase. With all eyes on him, Curry has the perfect stage to cement his legacy as one of the greatest players of his generation.

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