Stephen Curry only reason behind comeback win vs. Cavs

Stephen Curry, well, did Stephen Curry things on Thursday as he led the Golden State Warriors to a wild comeback win over the Cavs in Cleveland. The Dubs were down by 13 points entering the fourth quarter and while things looked bleak for the Warriors, Steph made sure they were going to escape with a victory.

Curry looked like a man possessed (again) in the fourth as the Warriors outscored the Cavs 36-8 in the final frame. The former back-to-back MVP finished with 40 points on 15-of-27 shooting. He also went 9-of-16 from three-point territory en route to setting yet another shooting record in what has been an absolutely scorching hot start to the new season.

After the game, Curry opened up about the Warriors’ comeback win. As usual, Steph was quick to deflect the praise as he credited his team’s defense for clamping down on the Cavs particularly in the fourth period:

“The only reason that we opened the game up is we went on a 13-0 run and they struggled to score and through 36 minutes, we really struggled to get stops and then force them into tough looks and we were playing against set defense the whole night, and they had a lot of energy, they’re playing well, so fourth quarter, we just let it go, intensity and focus on the defensive end, that unit was unbelievable. That was a real good, feel-good win,” Curry said, via Alex Didion of NBC Sports.

Credit definitely needs to be given where it is due and if you’re able to hold down opponents to just eight points in the most crucial quarter of the game then you’re definitely doing something right. The Warriors own the best record in the NBA right now and it certainly has a lot to do with their defense.

Be that as it may, we cannot downplay Curry’s heroics thus far. He’s definitely playing at an elite level right now. To some extent, it’s reminiscent of his unanimous MVP season back in 2016. If the Most Valuable Player trophy was going to be handed out tomorrow, you can be sure that Steph’s going to be a three-time MVP.

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