Sharad Pawar slams Centre over violence in Jahangirpuri

Slamming the Centre for the current violence in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri, NCP chief Sharad Pawar on Saturday mentioned that folks on the helm within the Union Home Ministry “should have ensured that the nation’s capital remained united”.

He mentioned, “Who rules Delhi? The (Arvind) Kejriwal government. But the Delhi Home ministry is with the Centre, with BJP, and (Union Home Minister) Amit Shah. Those who held the Home Ministry should have ensured that the nation’s capital remained united. They should have taken necessary steps towards that, but he has not done so.”

“You (NDA) are ruling the nation, yet you can’t take care of the national capital…. If anything happens in Delhi, the message goes out to the world that there is instability in this country,” Pawar he mentioned at NCP’s ‘Sankalp Sabha’ in Kolhapur.

Calling for relentless efforts to oust a “communal party like BJP” from energy, Pawar mentioned that within the backdrop of the violence in BJP-governed states, the nation is dealing with the problem of remaining united right this moment. “We have to work relentlessly to oust a communal party like BJP from power across the country.”

On the state of affairs in Karnataka, Pawar mentioned, “A few days ago, I had gone to Karnataka. I was told that a place like Hubli had seen violence. Boards are being put up, warning people not to purchase goods from shops owned by minorities… What should we make of this? … Be it Karnataka or Delhi, wherever BJP rules, the situation is similar. That’s why we are all facing a big challenge…”

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