Report on Yankee Letter show the Bombers were cheating

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After months of hypothesis in regards to the contents of the “scandalous” sealed letter that supposedly contained proof of a beforehand unknown dishonest scandal involving the New York Yankees, the contents have been allegedly revealed in a report by Andy Martino, an MLB Insider for SportsNet New York, wherein he says SNY “obtained’ the letter Tuesday morning. Twenty-nine fanbases had been waiting years, decades even, to hold something over Yankee fans’ heads other than them just being terrible people. Meanwhile the Houston Astros’ fanbase waited eagerly to pull the uno reverse card on the franchise that had been clamoring for an asterisk to be placed next to the 2017 World Series championship banner in Minute Maid Park. This was supposed to be an undoing for the Yankees! Did the report provide that wave of satisfaction for baseball fans? Not really.

According to the report, the letter “does not implicate the Yankees in a sign-stealing scheme similar to the one for which the Houston Astros were punished.” It does, nevertheless, show that the Yankees have been utilizing a system involving dugout telephones to relay indicators to runners on second, who would then relay the indicators to the hitter. We already knew that although. They weren’t utilizing YES community cameras, just like the Red Sox insinuated, however they’d already been “punished” by MLB for this dishonest scandal, even when that “punishment” was only a measly $100,000 positive (which had been beforehand unreported). Also, the letter doesn’t point out that the Yankees have been utilizing telephones to relay indicators after September 15, 2017, the date that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred wrote to all 30 MLB golf equipment stating that any use of high-speed cameras to relay indicators could be met with the hammer of justice.

Martino claims in his report that the letter has nonetheless “not yet been unsealed.” How he and SNY have been in a position to “obtain” it with out unsealing it, I don’t know. I don’t get how that works, perhaps he meant it ‘had yet to be unsealed to that point, however we are able to’t know for certain. Hopefully, when the letter is formally unsealed later this week, we’ll have extra readability on the scenario. Until then although, we are able to solely go off Martino’s report. How handy.

So, what does this imply? First off, the Yankees cheated, however to not the extent that the Astros did, it seems. The system the Yankees have been implementing may solely be achieved with a runner already standing on second base, whereas the Astros have been in a position to relay indicators to hitters at any level throughout an at-bat. This kind of sign-stealing was supposedly utilized in some form or kind by a number of MLB golf equipment previous to Manfred’s assertion on September 15, 2017. How many groups? We don’t know. According to MLB Insider Jeff Passan, “other teams were very likely doing similar things to New York and Boston. That element spanned the game.”

The report from Martino additionally claims that “the Yankees and Red Sox were among the many clubs who began to use their video replay room for that purpose,” though the “other teams” usually are not named, so the validity of this assertion, though broadly believed to be true, has by no means been confirmed. We can say for certain that each the Astros and Red Sox have been caught utilizing high-speed cameras to relay indicators to hitters after Manfred’s assertion (the Red Sox in the course of the 2018 season once they received the World Series and the Astros in the course of the 2017 postseason once they, too, received the World Series). Both groups have been punished for his or her misdeeds.

In the tweet I posted above, Passan refers back to the Yankee Letter as a “nothing-burger.” Based on the report, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Any dishonest, regardless of what number of different gamers or groups have been doing it, is a violation of the integrity of the sport, and, so long as Manfred was not actively encouraging groups to make use of replay on this means or turning a blind eye from it (as Bud Selig allegedly did in the course of the steroids period), must be punished. That being mentioned, the Yankees have been already fined for this. This letter offers just about no new info aside from the truth that the Yankees weren’t utilizing YES cameras for his or her sign-stealing and that it can’t be proved that they participated in sign-stealing after Manfred warned all 30 groups on 9/15/17. So it stands to motive that they had their very own digital camera sign-stealing operation going.

That begs the query: “If the Yankees had already been punished by MLB for cheating in 2015 and 2016, why were the Yankees and MLB trying so hard to stop this letter from leaking to the public?” It makes it appear as if there’s something extra at play we aren’t being instructed. I wouldn’t put it previous MLB to forge a story like this previous to the unsealing to be able to undermine what will get revealed when the letter formally will get unsealed with its contents uncovered to the world. After all, they’ve by no means proven that they care concerning the integrity of the game earlier than.

Basically, if the report seems to be true, the Astros are nonetheless horrible. The Red Sox are nonetheless horrible. The Yankees are nonetheless horrible, however not as horrible as many individuals hoped. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, the report additionally notes that the letter itself has not been unsealed, so maybe the contents of the letter have been misconstrued by Martino, however we are able to’t be certain…not but at the very least.

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