Red Bull’s Sergio Perez drops confident take that can warn F1 rival Mercedes

Red Bull star Sergio Perez drops a confident take that can warn Mercedes for the last two races of F1.

Despite Lewis hamilton’s last two race wins over Max Verstappen, Red Bull managed to pull closer to Mercedes in the constructor’s championship, closing in on a 5-point lead. With just two races to go, anything can happen for both titles. Perez, himself, seems confident while sporting a positive tone on his team’s capabilities.

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“Those points in Qatar and the last three races were really important in the Constructors’ Championship,” said Perez.

“We’ve managed to close the gap to Mercedes and now it’s time to go all in. We’ve got nothing to lose and we will give our very best,” the F1 star stressed.

“If we manage to have two perfect races as a team then I am sure that we are going to be able to come out on top.”

Others may view this as a wild claim, especially since Mercedes is leading the pack while boasting seven straight titles to their name. However, this season has seen a dramatic turn, especially with Verstappen currently leading by only 8 points against Hamilton this late into the F1 season.

Before Mercedes’ new lineup next year, will Red Bull bag both the driver’s and constructor’s championship?


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