Queen of oversharing: Netizens fed up with Kris Aquino’s antics

Kris Aquino tried to court sympathy by announcing she’s bedridden on Christmas eve and even posting a medical certificate to prove she’s in poor health.

In an Instagram post, Aquino said got dizzy when she joined Vice President Leni Robredo in distributing relief goods to victims of Typhoon Odette in Negros Occidental on December 21.

“Yes I’m bedridden & won’t get to really celebrate Noche Buena with my 2 giants & mel (it’s okay, by January 1, 2022 complete na kami with his 2 sons); ibang level yung muscle spasms ko (nonstop pins & needles- cramps na ewan na) from my neck to the base of my spine,” she said in the caption.

Aquino’s doctor, Anthony Piano, said in the medical certificate that she’s been advised to “take full bed rest and to avoid strenuous physical activity and exposure to allergens.”

“She (Aquino) specifically asked me to include that she never asked my permission to take the trip because I knew she would object. But her reason was she personally wanted to deliver the relief herself and attempt to make her fellow Filipinos feel her love & compassion during their most vulnerable time,” Piano added.

Some netizens found Aquino’s post a ploy to grab attention in the middle of the crisis caused by Typhoon Odette.

Instagram user @cyrus_281 said Aquino might have posted the medical certificate to show how big of a deal her presence at Negros Occidental was.

“Para ipamukha sa tao ang utang na loob nila ung tulong, kasi may sakit sya pero nagpunta para tumulong. Dilawan kind of politics, ito ang gustong mawala o gustong tangalin ng taong bayan bilang style ng kandidato o kampanya, nakakasuka na kasi,” @cyrus_281 said.

“Gosh you really have to post this?! This is all about politics… SMH #Shame #NotAgain,” said @prettygirlsfromasia.

“Dapat tumulong kayo idol yong hindi naka uniform ng pink obvious nangampanya kayo e di naman magkasundo utak at dila niya,” said @utada_an.

“Pwede mo naman kasing utusan yung mga pwedeng utusan para ipaabot ang tulong. May sakit kana pala, baket kailangang pumunta kapa. Dahil ba may iba kang agenda? Sabagay malapit na kasi eleksyon. Just saying,” said @thelabyou.

“Sabi pa niya, ‘wag daw kalimutan kung sino yung mga tumulong sa mga nasalanta pinamumuka agad ni gaga,” said @flyingfille15.

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