Memphis fans did the unthinkable in 73-point win over OKC

The Memphis Grizzlies clobbered the Oklahoma City Thunder in historic fashion on Thursday night. Ja Morant’s absence only fired up the home team as they humiliated the visitors, 152-79, to establish a new NBA record for the largest margin of victory.

While the Grizzlies made the Thunder feel like putting paper bags on their heads while on the court, the home fans took the savagery several notches higher. Up by 78 points near the final two minutes of the contest, Grizzlies fans chanted “defense,” taking everyone by surprise.

They were out for blood—or were they?

Of course, it was all fun and games at this point. It’s been that way much earlier. So this call for a stoppage was nothing but a playful gesture from the crowd. Besides, the Thunder have already relinquished their rights to be offended by anything when they allowed the game to become a massacre.

The Grizzlies looked like bears gathering as much food as they can before hibernating. In fact, they should call the league office and request for their lead to be distributed across their next few games while they take a week off. This idea is dumb, but it’s just as ridiculous as the Grizzlies’ victory.

Adding to their misery, the loss marked the eight-straight for Oklahoma City. On the other hand, Memphis has strung together three-consecutive wins despite missing their leading scorer and undisputed alpha.

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