Jonas Valanciunas is the next ‘Dirk’ after 3-point history

New Orleans Pelicans center Jonas Valanciunas has made a name for himself in the NBA as a bruiser down low in the paint. However, Valanciunas made waves for his historic three-point shooting against the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday night. Valanciunas channeled his inner Dirk Nowitzki with the performance.

Apparently, Jonas Valanciunas is a marksman in the mold of Dirk Nowitzki now. As Pelicans reporter Andrew Lopez notes, Valanciunas attempted just five three-pointers in his first five seasons in the NBA.

Those days are far behind in the rearview, as “Dirk” Valanciunas made all seven of his three-point attempts for the Pelicans in the first half alone on Monday. If that wasn’t enough, the big man became the only NBA player in history to grab seven offensive rebounds and drain seven threes in the same game.

That’s a feat that not even the sharpshooting Nowitzki, who averaged 1.3 made threes and 7.5 rebounds per game in his career, accomplished. It’s cool to see someone like Pelicans’ center Valanciunas maintain his beastly ways in the paint while stretching things out to the three-point line. After all, it’s practically a requirement for big men in the NBA these days.

While Pelicans fans shouldn’t expect to see Jonas Valanciunas rain seven threes down on every opponent, it’s clear that he has added shooting from distance as a permanent part of his game. That makes the Pelicans more deadly as an offense.

Dirk Nowitzki would be proud.

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