Henry Ruggs III gets critical warning amid house arrest

Henry Ruggs III could face rearrest if the former Raiders player fails to comply with his release restrictions. That’s according to an article from Sports Illustrated, which explained that Ruggs missed one of his routine alcohol tests while on house arrest.

Ruggs was released after posting his $150,000 bail and put on house arrest. This is after he was charged with a DUI that resulted in a young woman’s death.

Although he was put in house confinement, the judge directly warned him that non-compliance could lead to his arrest a second time.

Currently, Ruggs’ house arrest includes four alcohol checks a day and electronic monitoring. In order to complete the alcohol checks, he must “respond to a telephone or text signal by blowing into a device that checks his blood-alcohol level,” Sports Illustrated wrote.

Ruggs jeopardized this arrangement when he missed a routine BAC test last week.

When Justice of the Peace Suzan Baucum learned that Ruggs missed a test, she ordered him to court on Monday. There, lawyers told Baucum that he “self-tested” shortly after missing the original test and that test came back negative. David Chesnoff, Ruggs’ attorney, blamed the issues on the testing equipment.

An article from USA Today reported that Ruggs missed the required test at 4:41 p.m. on Saturday evening. The former Raiders wide receiver then completed “a client initiated remote breath test” at 6:28 p.m. Saturday.

Ruggs will appear in court on December 16th for the preliminary hearing of evidence on the case. This is for two felony charges of driving under the influence causing death or serious injury. These felony charges could result in 40 years of prison time. Along with this, Ruggs faces a misdemeanor weapon charge and two felony reckless driving counts.

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