Father, son drown in Narmada canal

A father-son drowned in Narmada canal near Sughad area of Gandhinagar on Monday night. According to police, the deceased have been identified as Dashrathji Thakor (40) and his younger son Prem Thakor (13), residents of Sughad village in Gandhinagar.

According to police Monday afternoon Prem Thakor had allegedly jumped into the Narmada canal in a suicide bid. His father then jumped into the canal to look for his son and also drowned, said the police.

“Prem Thakor had a fight in his family on Monday afternoon and in a fit of rage, he jumped into the Narmada canal that goes through his village. Later, after his son went missing, Dashrathji Thakor also jumped into the canal to look for him however he also drowned. We have recovered the body of Dashrathji Thakor while his son’s body is still missing. An accidental death report has been filed,” said a police official at Adalaj Police Station.

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