Dwyane Wade emotional 15-word farewell to Staples Center

Much like any other player in the NBA, Dwyane Wade has also had his fair share of memorable moments inside the iconic Staples Center. The Heat legend has been through many wars against the Los Angeles Lakers and there’s no denying that their historic stadium holds a special place in Wade’s heart.

On Wednesday, Wade took to Instagram to bid farewell to Staples Center with reports suggesting that the arena is set to undergo a major facelift in the coming months:

“Staples Center thank you for all the memories! What a memory this last one was,” Wade wrote.

I honestly thought Dwyane Wade was going to share snaps of some of his most memorable moments as a player inside Staples Center. Instead, the future Hall of Famer deemed it more appropriate to say his goodbyes by using a handful of endearing photos of himself together with his family. After all, now that he’s retired, the 39-year-old has allotted much more time to spend with his beloved kin.

Staples Center recently struck a massive naming rights deal worth a record-breaking $700 million that will see its name changed to Arena. This shocking turn of events apparently also entails a major renovation as the Lakers look to usher in a new era.


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