Chris Pronger breaks down expenses on a $5M salary

Chris Pronger

Chris Pronger
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As one among my editors identified yesterday, perhaps we should always simply be relieved that Chris Pronger can kind in any respect given how his profession was ended. That’s usually the hope for any hockey participant, as forlorn as it could be. And maybe Pronger was attempting to do the precise factor and illustrate how so many former gamers can find yourself in monetary bother after their taking part in careers, provided that the common profession is so brief. Certainly there are many tales like that on the market.

Or he’s simply an out of contact wealthy man attempting to sound sympathetic and converse our language although he doesn’t know the alphabet. See for your self:

The thread comes off as simply adjoining to Elon Musk attempting to behave as he observes people performing. Of course, the very first thing Pronger mentions is escrow. NHL gamers have been bitching about escrow ever because it was launched in 2005. They’ve had two possibilities to give you a special system in CBA negotiations that wouldn’t contain escrow, and so they haven’t come near getting rid of it both time. In truth they whiffed each instances, after which cried over spilled money. Cut and save for MLB gamers after they begin bitching about too many groups spending not more than the cheese you scrape off a used pizza field on their rosters after they had an opportunity to do one thing about it and let it go as nicely.

What NHL gamers can’t appear to know – not all that tough to see why they don’t given that almost all of them have a seventh grade schooling – is that any CBA and wage cap that’s based mostly on projections goes to have some kind of fail-safe in case these projections are fallacious. The gamers might have tried for a system that goes off the earlier years revenues, which might have given them a hard and fast quantity to set the cap to. They didn’t, twice. They might have tried to barter one thing with the homeowners taking over extra danger. They didn’t, twice. Did you already know the NBA has escrow too? No, as a result of NBA gamers don’t spend almost as a lot time bitching about it.

Pronger goes from there to say taxes, and seeing as how he’s speaking a few $5 million wage, in actuality he ought to have been taxed way over he was, and so ought to everybody who made what he did and extra, so we might have the society we deserve. But Pronger isn’t right here as an example that, and doubtless would have a coronary if that was identified to him. Anyway, everybody pays taxes, Chris. It’s not distinctive to hockey gamers, although most hockey gamers seemingly suppose all taxes are theft. Or it’s simply one other type of escrow.

And then Pronger goes utterly off the rails.

While I’m certain a $5,000-per-month house is good, and impresses a shit ton of individuals, it’s additionally not utterly crucial. You might lower that in half in all places outdoors of New York. Fuck, $2500 a month in Columbus will get you an precise fortress. Though it’ll be a surprisingly podunk and Southern fortress to match the setting.

The subsequent tweet within the thread is really bewildering. First off, Pronger makes it appear to be he was shopping for a $75,000 automotive yearly. A brand new Beamer lately is available in for lower than $60K, and also you solely have to purchase it as soon as. Also, what number of gamers at Pronger’s stage simply get a automotive free of charge as a part of a sponsorship?

Then Pronger claims that gamers have to rent their very own private trainers, masseuses, and chiropractors. Which is unusual, as a result of each workforce has a type of every for gamers to go to. Like, they’re proper there subsequent to the dressing room. Trainer’s room, Prongs, and also you spent a variety of time there. Maybe that’s a more moderen factor, and in Pronger’s day not each workforce had every of these three, however they do now. Again, it’s non-obligatory.

At the tip of all of this, Pronger principally is claiming that the common NHL profession nets a participant $10 million. And sure, it’s good recommendation for younger gamers signing their first large contract. Relatable, although, this isn’t. But then Pronger wasn’t actually ever about bonding along with his fellow man.

More Vlad Guerrero Jr. Stuff

This each day function very nicely could turn out to be a Vladito Appreciation Space. He solely went for 3 homers final evening in a 6-4 Jays win over the Yankees on the Boogie Down final evening. The most spectacular was the second:

That’s an inside fastball off the plate at 98 MPH that Vlad Jr. merely rips into the bullpen like he was a part of one of many battles in Braveheart. Look the place this pitch was:

Image for article titled It’s math time with Chris Pronger boys and girls!

Screenshot: GameDay

Jonathan Loasiga thought he’d get cute within the eighth and really put a pitch on the within nook. Guerrero confirmed him what he might do with that shit:

Yankees followers are likely to suppose nothing occurs till it occurs within the Bronx. Well, Vlad’s MVP candidacy has formally began in that case. 

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