Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao starts own esports team “Pacquiao GG”

Eight-division world champion and Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao looks to conquer a new sport: esports. Pacquiao unveiled his new esports and content creation team called “Team Pacquiao GG” in a press conference on Friday, December 3, 2021.

At its launch, Team Pacquiao GG unveiled its initial members: Filipino content creators Een Mercado, Super Kimbie, Ghost Wrecker, GLOCO, Sh1nboo, and Pacquiao’s own son, Michael. The gaming celebrities will be leading different efforts and initiatives within the group, with the aim of advancing the Philippine esports scene.

Ghost Wrecker and Super Kimbie will be representing the team in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, with Ghost Wrecker also leading the group’s charity initiatives. GLOCO will be the team’s lead on content, while Sh1nboo will be the group’s host and shoutcaster. Een Mercado will lead the team on VALORANT and on the team’s female empowerment initiatives.

Michael Pacquiao says about his dad: “I was shocked. My dad usually doesn’t talk about games.” He says that he mostly plays VALORANT. Pacquiao says that his son Michael will “also be one of my coaches in this esports team.”

Pacquiao stated that his aim for Team Pacquiao GG is to make it “pound-for-pound esports heavyweights in Southeast Asia.”

“We are launching Team Pacquiao to sow the seed of Filipino excellence in Filipino esports competition,” says Pacquiao. “Most Filipinos identify gaming as a hobby and a possible addiction for younger people that must be supervised, but not anymore. Esports is not just an online phenomenon, but also a legitimate growing sports industry, with a lot of job and business opportunities.”

Team Pacquiao GG is a venture in partnership with Veloce Group, an organizational consulting firm with a special interest in empowering the formation of teams, both within an organization and among independent groups at high velocity.

“Team Pacquiao GG is a gaming, esports, lifestyle, and content brand led by Manny Pacquiao, and powered by Veloce,” says Veloce Director of Commercial Strategy Ryan Tveter.

Team Pacquiao GG will be rolling out esports and gaming content in the following months, with the intention to head full-on into esports by the second quarter of 2022.

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