Boris Johnson announcement – 4 Covid booster jabs vital for vulnerable says NHS boss as Brits face fines under new rules

Brit couple stranded in South Africa face whopping £3.7k quarantine bill

A BRITISH couple stranded in South Africa after the UK slapped the country on the Red travel list will have to pay a whopping £3,700 quarantine bill to return home.

Owen Hancock, 35, and Emily Mennie, 30, from Tooting, South West London, had been visiting family for the first time since the pandemic began.

They jetted off on November 18, thinking that when they returned to England they would just have to take a test two days after landing.

But on their travels, South Africa, and six other countries were slapped with a travel ban in a desperate bid to stop the spread of the Omicron Covid mutation.

Now they will be subjected to harsh restrictions – and will have to fork out £3,700 to pay for their quarantine.

Emily, who was born in South Africa, told MyLondon: “We will be forced to quarantine when we return for 10 days. 

“We are happy to quarantine, we understand that we need to do our bit to stop the pandemic.

“Our issue is that we weren’t given an option to get back without the cost of the hotel and therefore we think the Government should pay because we didn’t have a choice to return as flights were banned to the UK.”

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