Bobby Lashley beats Theory at his own game

When it comes to professional wrestling main events, there’s failing to stick the landing, and then there’s the conclusion to this week’s WWE Raw.

After two-plus hours of wrestling, promos, backstage segments, and hype videos, the main event is supposed to elevate the energy up to a big crescendo for the finale that really ties the show together. This week’s Raw featured a fun match between Riddle and Ciampa meant to build the former up for his title shot against Roman Reigns on Friday night’s edition of SmackDown, as well as a great Money in the Bank Qualifier between AJ Styles and Seth Rollins, both of which would have been potentially great main events.

However, the WWE Universe instead got… Bobby Lashley vs. Theory in a pose-off.

Once the also fun Veer Mahan vs. Rey Mysterio match started, and the realization set in that the pose-down was to be the main event, it felt like the card notes for the show got mixed up in a backstage brawl before the cameras rolled. The segment itself was mostly inoffensive, with the youngest United States Champion’s exaggerated gestures and heelish character really shining and Lashley holding his own, but it felt like something one could change the channel during and not miss a thing.

Lashley “won” the pose-off, which was seemingly judged by the crowd’s reactions her Adam Pearce’s request, and Theory took the loss with dignity by squirting oil in Lashley’s face as he ran out of the ring with his belt between his legs.

Anti-climactic? Maybe a little bit, but hey, at least the fans in attendance seemed to enjoy it.

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