Bishop David urges Pinoys to vote for trustworthy candidates

By James Hernandez

Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) vice president Bishop Virgilio David has urged Filipinos to only vote for “trustworthy” candidates for the sake of the country’s future.

The Caloocan City prelate issued the appeal during his homily at the San Roque Cathedral in Caloocan Wednesday (Nov. 17).

“We should in fact be ashamed to call ourselves Christians if we don’t actively participate in getting the trustworthy candidates voted into office. That is, if we care at all about the future of our country,” said the incoming CBCP president.

David said in his homily that he believes that there are already trustworthy candidates in the country.

“Unfortunately, the Lord is not a voter in the coming elections. We are. He has entrusted to us the task of making that important choice,” he said.

“Will we or will we not respond to his call to be responsible stewards of our nation which he loves so dearly, and has saved many times already from destruction?” he added.

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