Ankit Gera And Wife Rashi Blessed With a Baby Boy Couple Calls Him Little A

Mumbai: TV actor Ankit Gera becomes the father of a baby boy, and his happiness knows no limits. In June of last year, the actor wed Rashi Puri, a Nigerian NRI. On June 10th, they welcomed their first child. The TV actor expressed his joy at holding his son for the first time and entering the fatherhood stage of life. “You can’t imagine the level of happiness until you experience it. Everything…all the worries just fade away when you hold your child for the first time. I am glad that my child could see me without a mask. Of course, there has been a surge in COVID-19 cases, so all precautions were taken before admission and are being followed to date, ” he told Etimes in an interview.Also Read – Actor Ankit Gera Ties Knot To An NRI From Nigeria In An Intimate Wedding Ceremony

TV actor Ankit Gera has become the father of a baby boy

TV actor Ankit Gera has become the father of a baby boy

Ankit revealed that he was in the birth room with his wife, who was in excruciating pain throughout the 16-hour labor. He expressed his helplessness by stepping outside and crying. When the baby was born, however, the couple forgot about the discomfort. Also Read – Ankit Gera to romance two brides in &TV show Agnifera!

The actor shared that he got married during the Covid-19 lockdown and he and his wife couldn’t travel anywhere. Ankit told the news portal that it is their honeymoon baby. He shared, “I got married amidst the lockdown. Rashi and I couldn’t travel anywhere. Around that time, I was offered a show and had to join the shoot immediately. So, we came to Mumbai expecting the stay to last for a couple of months. However, Rashi got pregnant and we couldn’t travel back to Delhi for the first three months. We stayed back for good (smiles). So, yes, it’s a honeymoon baby for us.” Also Read – Naagin 2 actress Adaa Khan prefers to stay single than in a bad relationship!

When it comes to the baby’s name, he indicated that there will be a lot of confusion. He went on to say that they were using an app to track the baby’s growth throughout the pregnancy and that Rashi had given the baby the name A and would refer to him as ‘Little A.’

Congratulations to Ankit Gera and Rashi Puri!

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