Francis Ngannou hints at switch to boxing for money

Reigning UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou may have just hinted at a switch to boxing.

Despite the seemingly proliferating success of MMA as a mainstream sport with the UFC as one of its top-tier promotions, boxing is undeniably still the bigger entity, especially in terms of profits.

This is also the reason why an array of UFC stars has been yearning to enter the squared circle with boxing champions.

Among the latest UFC mainstays to put his name on the list is current heavyweight champ Francis Ngannou.

According to Ngannou, he is not demanding anything from the UFC in terms of money but he is certain the day will come he would pursue boxing for greener pastures.

“Well, it [MMA] is more difficult [than boxing]. I feel I should not be needing to borrow money for my training camp,” Ngannou said on The MMA Hour. “At some point, I’m gonna go after those money. I’m gonna go to that boxing for sure…I’m not challenging the system, I’m just saying my right.”

Ngannou’s statement shouldn’t strike as a surprise because as early as 2019, “The Predator” had already revealed his desire to enter boxing.

“First of all, boxing is my background. Boxing was my first love for a very long time,” the Cameroonian UFC star told Helen Yee Sports in 2019.

“For more than 10 years I have been loving boxing without even knowing what MMA was,” he continued. “Then, I get in MMA by opportunity, but still boxing lover. So, I think, at some point, I can end up to cross paths with that dream.”

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