Luka Doncic might not be too happy with Jason Kidd’s plan

It will be a brand new start for the Dallas Mavericks in the upcoming NBA season as the era under coach Jason Kidd begins. The NBA legend is excited for his latest opportunity, especially with a generational talent like Luka Doncic under his wing.

Kidd has consistently gushed about Doncic’s all-around talent. But there’s no denying that for all his greatness, he has yet to win with the Mavericks. Some observers have posited that the wonder boy from Slovenia is trying to do too much for the squad, making some of his teammates feel left out. Case in point: Kristaps Porzingis.

But with Kidd now at the helm, he said that he will lessen Doncic’s usage rate and get others more involved (via Sports Illustrated).

“There’s a significant stress level (Doncic) carries, and we should have ways to relieve some of that. We have a good crew here and a lot of offensive talent. Kristaps can carry a team for stretches. We have other guys that can create their own shot. We should be able to get some of that stress off Luka’s plate.”

It’s clear that Doncic loves the ball in his hands. Why wouldn’t he? He has the ability to manufacture points at will, whether it’s him making a bucket or creating a play for a teammate. Handing over the keys in stretches might be a difficult transition for him. But Kidd’s plan sounds pretty logical.

Luka Doncic has said he and Kristaps Porzingis will have a great year together, so that should be a reassuring remark for Jason Kidd.

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