Michael Jordan, Bulls-Knicks rivalry backstory

Former New York Knicks point guard Mark Jackson recounted how they tried to stop Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

In the 1992 NBA playoffs, the Knicks-Bulls rivalry was at its peak as Michael Jordan looked to secure his second championship.

Given how physical the game was at the time, Mark Jackson said that his bigger and tougher Knicks squad had no problems battering up MJ and the rest of the Bulls.

However, Jackson also admitted that Jordan’s prowess in scoring was just too much for the Knicks that he believes the then-Bulls star “single-handedly” won the said series.

“We went over the scouting report, we said ‘how we were going to defend him [Jordan], we said, ‘how we were going to send him in a different direction’ — it didn’t matter,” Jackson said on “Club Shay Shay.” “He had an answer for every single thing we put in front of him, and physically, he was more than willing to go through whatever he had to go through to win.”

“Michael Jordan single-handedly won series,” he recalled. “I remember my last year with the Knicks; we were beating them up. We had physical guys at every single position, and we were on a mission to physically beat them up. But the feeling of having No. 23 on your team did something to them. He single-handedly won the series.”

Prior to the Knicks, Jordan had already dealt with the extreme physicality of the infamous Detroit Pistons’ “Bad Boys” squad led by his archrival Isiah Thomas.

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