BJ Penn will run for Governor of Hawaii

UFC legend BJ Penn has announced his plan to run for Governor of Hawaii on social media.

After more than two years of being away from the sport, former UFC “champ-champ” BJ Penn has decided that he will embark on a journey in politics.

On his official Instagram account, Penn made it known his intention to help his country by Governor of Hawaii.

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life but I would never run from a fight or sell out my people,” the former UFC champion wrote. As soon as I step into Hawaii’s Governor office I will remove All new federal and state mandates that have been hurting our economy, residents, and ‘ohana.”

“We will follow the constitution to the tee,” he added. I am not here to fit in with the other politicians, I am here to get our freedoms back!”

Prior to his shocking announcement, Penn was eyeing to make another UFC comeback despite coming off a seven-fight losing streak.

However, UFC president Dana White put an end to Penn’s ties with the promotion after he got involved in several street fights in Hawaii.

“He won’t fight again, that’s it,” White told ESPN of Penn in 2019. “That’s a wrap. It’s not even that this was the last straw. I didn’t love him continuing to fight anyway, but with the relationship that he and I have — he gets me on the phone, begging me for another fight. It’s hard to turn him down.”

“After what I saw in that video, BJ needs to, you know, he needs to focus on his personal life before he thinks about fighting.”


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