Bachelor in Paradise 2021 LIVE

BACHELOR in Paradise is getting ready to wrap up its seventh season.

Fans are curious to see who will end up engaged and who will be leaving Paradise alone.

Bachelor in Paradise is a spin-off of ABC’s The Bachelor franchise.

Eliminated members from previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette come together on a tropical resort to hopefully find love.

Episode ten of Bachelor in Paradise — which was an extra special, extra long-running show — ended with Noah appearing to “break up” with Abigail because she was “not his person.”

Meanwhile, Serena “fell in love” with Joe and the pair won Paradise Prom King and Queen.

The three-hour-long show featured a special Paradise Prom episode where the contestants took each other out to an 80’s themed Prom.

And fan fave bartender Wells Adams guest-hosted the episode.

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    Tonight’s host, Wells Adams, made a controversial announcement to the group.

    The future Mr. Sarah Hyland had to deliver the bad news that there will be NO final cocktail party ahead of the last rose ceremony.

  • ‘I’M IN SHOCK’

    Mari admitted that she’s “still in shock” from Abigail and Noah’s breakup.

    She said that this makes her question “everything” with boyfriend Kenny.


    Joe admitted the remaining group only has three options heading into tonight’s finale.

    He said that the couples can either “get engaged, break up or leave the show together.”

    Upon this confession, many people looked worried – mostly newbie Mykenna.


    Abigail and Noah’s split made the existing couples rethink where they are at.

    Serena broke down in tears over her friend’s “betrayal” and said it would “kill her” if she was out in the same position.

    “It’s shocking and puts things in perspective. We have to figure out if we will end things,” Mari said.


    Noah broke down in tears as he admitted that he was “devastated” by how things turned out with Abigail.

    “I don’t have any regrets but I’m upset I hurt her and things didn’t work out,” he admitted.


    Cast members are shocked that Noah left the show just after winning the “strongest couple” award.

    Abigail got support from her gal pals as she was comforted by Serena, Mari and the others.


    Noah admitted that he “wanted things to work out” which is why he waited so long to call things off with Abigail.

    However, Abigail admitted to being “blindsided” by his move and was upset he did not admit feelings sooner.

    “At the end of the day, I wasn’t your person,” Noah told him.

    “You’re right, you’re not my person. I want to forget about this and move on,” she fired back in tears.


    Last week, Noah and Abigail’s relationship appeared to be over as the couple called it quits.

    However, tonight’s episode opened with Noah attempting to salvage what’s left of his relationship.

    The episode will play out what happens to Noah and Abigail along with the remaining couples.


    Ahead of tonight’s finale which will potentially show Kendall Long’s ex getting down on one knee, she poked fun at the situation on TikTok.

    The LA native’s ex boyfriend, Joe Amabile, may propose to girlfriend Serena Pitt on tonight’s episode.


    Tonight the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise premieres on ABC.

    The show will premiere at 8pm ET on ABC, and is going to be three hours long.

    The season finale ends at 11pm ET, and will be available for streaming on Hulu the following day.

    Couples will either get engaged or go home with no ring after an exciting season full of ups and downs.

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