Stephen Curry on how NBA rule change will impact his game

The NBA is cracking down on several aspects of the game that they believe give certain players an unfair advantage. One particular move that has caused a bit of controversy is the league’s new rule change on baiting offensive fouls. Along with the likes of James Harden and Trae Young, Stephen Curry has also been singled out as one of the players that are being targeted by this rule change.

Come the new season, the NBA will be implementing certain measures to ensure that players using non-basketball moves to draw fouls will not be rewarded for their efforts. For his part, Curry admitted that right now, he remains uncertain as to how these changes will impact his play:

“I still don’t know the nuances of the changes,” said Curry (h/t Darryn Albert of Larry Brown Sports). “There’s gonna be some confusion, let’s say that, to start. Like any rule changes, it takes some time to get adjusted to.”

The league actually used the Warriors star as a specific example in their attempt to explain the rule change. According to the NBA, this is exactly the type of play they will aim to eliminate from the game.

Honestly, this might actually have an impact on Stephen Curry’s style of play. As he said, however, it will just need some getting used to. The Warriors point guard is the greatest shooter of all time, so he’s definitely still going to find ways to get that ball through the net.

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