Myles Garrett has hilarious response on random drug test

Myles Garrett has been nothing but a bundle of energy for the Cleveland Browns in their first four games. The star defensive end has helped the Browns to a 3-1 record with dominant performances, offsetting their inconsistent offense so far.

Garrett, who leads the NFL this season in sacks with six, has always been a colorful character. Against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, the wide-bodied enforcer chose to wear a short-sleeved jersey, perhaps to show off his massive muscles and intimidate opponents. Garrett usually plays with a long-sleeved jersey.

His fashion choice, however, backfired as Garrett hilariously revealed on Twitter that he got a random drug test notice from league officials after the Browns’ 14-7 win over the Vikings.

The former top overall pick was instrumental in the Browns limiting the Vikings to only seven points. The 25-year-old Garrett led the defensive attack, allowing only 255 yards.

Suddenly getting a random drug test notice from the NFL after another beastly performance truly is a little funny. It’s nice to see that Garrett simply laughed it off instead of unleashing a long tirade. To be clear, league officials aren’t singling out anyone. Maybe it was just another amusing coincidence.

The Browns will next face the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday.

It remains unclear if Garrett will wear a crop-top jersey this time around.

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