Ex-Piston’s bold yet logical John Wall, Stephen Curry claim

Detroit Pistons legend John Salley is certain Houston Rockets point guard John Wall and Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry are almost the same.

John Wall and Stephen Curry are two perennial All-Star guards who are both the biggest names in their respective teams. Atop that, the pair is also two of the highest-paid guards in the NBA today.

However, for former Pistons big man and four-time NBA champ John Salley, Wall and Curry are also on the same breath in terms of skill set.

According to Salley, Wall, who played for the Washington Wizards before joining the Rockets, is an exceptional player like Curry. However, it’s just refutable for some as one plays for a winning team and the other doesn’t.

“John Wall is unbelievable, but the problem is that he was buried in Washington [Wizards], where we didn’t get to see him [win],” Salley recently told VladTV.

“So when you got really good guys on really bad teams, you don’t get to see their greatness because they are not winning,” he pointed out. “They work even harder because they are trying to win each game as opposed to Steph Curry, who could say ‘hey, my ankle is hurting today, I just need a 5-minute break.’ When you are on a bad team, you don’t get a 5-minute break. You don’t have a guy like Klay Thompson on this side or Shaun Livingston to step in on this side.”

As it stands, Wall’s future with the Rockets is still uncertain with trade rumors and link-ups remain a saga.

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