Cowboys trounce Packers, Steelers look stale, Giants and Jets somehow both win

Giants vs. Saints

Image for article titled Cowboys make Panthers look like a hairless cat, Steelers offense stale as communion crackers, God makes miracle happen as Jets and Giants win on same day

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The Giants actually won a game and it was against a good team.

Something is off, as both the Giants and Jets won yesterday is deeply concerning. I need to check with God cause only the higher power could engineer a miracle like that.

The Giants beat the Saints in New Orleans. It was a breakout performance from Saquon Barkley, who has been trying to find his footing this season since coming back from an ACL tear last year. He had 52 yards on the ground and 74 receiving yards with two touchdowns.

Daniel Jones showed out yesterday too, passing for over 400 yards and two touchdowns of his own.

The Saints are now 2-2 and we still don’t really know who they are. I believe they will be a good team by year’s end, but with the emergence of Carolina in their division, they can’t wait to start being consistent. The NFC is too good for teams to be able to squeeze into a playoff spot. New Orleans will have to start putting some things together if Sean Payton wants to get this team back into the postseason mix again.

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