Tom Brady clowns himself in heartfelt message Patriots

Emotions ran high during the New England PatriotsTampa Bay Buccaneers showdown. At least relative to Tom Brady’s standards, that is.

The Buccaneers quarterback sent out a heartfelt dedication to all his receivers both from his time in Tampa Bay as well as the 20 seasons spent slinging the pigskin for the Patriots.

“Guys did a great job catching for me the last 22 years,” said the Bucs QB. “All of them which I hope felt a little piece of happiness tonight watching that cause everybody contributed.”

Despite being considered as the GOAT, Brady still found a chance to remind everyone he’s not perfect. He may be able to throw pinpoint passes for the Bucs and Patriots, but he’s basically a bum when it comes to receiving them. That’s why he felt the need to shoutout his wideouts.

“I sure as hell can’t catch anything,” continued Bucs star. “Everyone’s seen that drop against the Eagles in the Super Bowl. But I could throw it a little bit and I’m glad I got so many great guys that could catch it.”

Who could forget Tom Brady’s infamous drop in his Super Bowl loss against the Eagles? Probably safe to say Brady made sure there aren’t any trick plays like that in the Buccaneers playbook. But there sure were a hell of a lot more good moments than bad ones for Brady in his Patriots uniform.


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