Kevin Durant ex-teammate arrested for faking COVID docs

Another NBA name makes the headlines about COVID, but this one is a little more serious than the conspiracy theories of Kyrie Irving. Lazar Hayward, who was teammates with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook during the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Finals run was arrested today.

Hayward and another woman were arrested by Hawaii authorities on suspicion of falsifying documents about their vaccination status. The former Thunder player reportedly uploaded fake negative COVID-19 tests to a database, and was promptly arrested when they landed in Lihue Airport. The two were immediately sent on a plane back to Los Angeles. No court date has been set for the former Thunder player. (via Gigi Graciette, FOX News)

Yikes. Apparently, Hayward and his partner procured fake negative COVID test results to avoid being quarantined. Most states require a quarantine of sorts for people entering a new location, as a preventive measure. The question is, why go through all this trouble faking a test when you could just get the test for free? If you test negative legitimately, you don’t get quarantined AND you don’t get arrested. It’s very irresponsible of the former Thunder player to go through these lengths to circumvent a rule meant to protect the people.

Hayward’s most notable moment of his NBA career was when he was a part of the 2012 Thunder squad that made it to the Finals. He only played 29 total games for the team, averaging 5.4 minutes and 1.4 points per game in the regular season. Aside from his stint with the Thunder, he also played two seasons with the Timberwolves, along with stints in various G-League teams.

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