NBA legend shockingly hails one player as better than Michael Jordan

NBA legend Walt Williams thinks Len Bias, the deceased Boston Celtics pick in the 1986 draft, was better than Michael Jordan.

In the 80s, North Carolina’s Michael Jordan squared-off with Maryland’s Len Bias inside the basketball court. MJ then entered the NBA in 1984 and Bias followed suit in ’86.

However, just almost two days after being drafted by the Boston Celtics, Bias, 22, was found dead in a Maryland dorm and never got the chance to rival Jordan in the pros.

Recounting his memories about the pair, former Sacramento Kings scorer Walt Williams heaped praise on Bias and even reckoned that the late former college basketball prodigy was indeed “a little bit ahead” of Jordan in terms of overall skills.

“I know certainly either we would have been talking about him [Bias] as the greatest of all time, or Jordan would be on an even different level,” Williams recently told Basketball Network. “I think those guys certainly would have pushed each other to the max. The thing about Len Bias when you compare him to Michael Jordan, I think he was a little bit ahead of Michael when they were in college with his skillset.”

“The jump shot that Bias had that was just the prettiest thing you could ever see,” he added. “He could defend multiple positions; he was a kind of a hybrid of how you see the game played now. And that’s the tragedy of not seeing a Len Bias. I think the game would have gravitated to where it is much quicker.”


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