Making the American dream attainable for Afghan Refugees

On August 15th, Afghanistan fell to the Taliban and thousands of Afghans fled the country with tens of thousands of Afghans making it to the United States as refugees. Republicans spent the following weeks ripping the Biden Administration for abandoning our Afghan allies and yet, this week, every single Republican Senator voted to curtail benefits for Afghan refugees. The amendment cutting those benefits was narrowly defeated by Democrats, but it would have cut off housing, medical, food and other aid for resettled Afghans by 2023. These refugees have lost everything yet they are grateful to be in this land of opportunity and have a shot at the American dream. Immigrants and refugees remind us that, at its best, America is a place where, if you work hard, and get a fair shot at an education, you can become anything you want to be. These Afghans will be better off by being in America and America will be better off for having them.

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