LeBron James reacts to Kyle Kuzma falling in love with DC

Kyle Kuzma is a long way from Los Angeles. The newest Washington Wizard shared his recent stroll around his new locale, which caught the attention of a number of notable names – including a certain LeBron James.

Check out Kuz’s IG post as he goes out and about in D.C.

Kuzma’s new city got a strong endorsement from LeBron James himself. The Lakers star hit up the comments expressing his love for Washington. Kuz made sure to extend him a dinner invite when the purple and gold come to town.

Lakers LeBron James Wizards Washington DC Kyle Kuzma

Even Wizards icon Gilbert Arenas reacted to Kyle Kuzma’s post. Agent Zero sort of clowned himself, claiming the former Lakers forward had now spent more time exploring the city than he did in his eight seasons in Washington.



Kuz got a handful of other reactions from basketball personalities as well, including WNBA superstar Candace Parker and former Lakers teammate Jared Dudley.


Lakers Jared Dudley Candace Parker Kyle Kuzma

As a certified Wizards fan myself, it warms my heart to see Kyle Kuzma enjoying what D.C. has to offer and seeing someone like LeBron James appreciate the area as well. Hopefully Kuz can find his early-stage Lakers self again and become the star he looked destined to be in Washington.

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