Blake Griffin, Patty Mills dish on LaMarcus Aldridge return after heart scare

When LaMarcus Aldridge retired last April, everyone thought there’s no chance he would return to the NBA. After all, his heart problem at the time was too serious that it forced him to leave the Brooklyn Nets abruptly.

However, luckily for him, Aldridge was able to overcome the health problem and get a second chance to play again in the NBA. It didn’t take long for him to re-sign with the Nets in hopes to finish what he started with the team.

Now, as he resumes his stint with the Nets, his teammates Blake Griffin and Patty Mills couldn’t be more impressed and happy for him. The two also shared some significant updates on Aldridge’s condition that should make Brooklyn fans  happy.

“He looks great,” Griffin said of Aldridge, per Brian Lewis of the New York Post. “LaMarcus is LaMarcus, man. Mid-range specialist, knows how to play defense. He’s a good basketball player. He looks good.”

Meanwhile, Mills shared how LaMarcus Aldridge has been impactful for the Nets since his return. Aside from showing his competitiveness night in and night out, Aldridge has also been one of the “factors of excitement and joy” on the team.

“Yeah, look, first of all, I obviously love having him around. And learning from each other that way as well over the years, and how to make the longevity of your career go on,” Mills added. “And obviously a few months off I think gave him a chance to look after the body and recover and get his body and mind to a certain point where he felt comfortable to be able to come back with the same hungriness.”

It remains to be seen how big of a role Aldridge will have on the Nets this 2021-22, but there’s no doubt he’s a welcome addition to the team as they try to win the Larry O’Brien trophy this time around. With his veteran presence and playoffs experience, Brooklyn’s depth is clearly one of the best in the league.

By the looks of it, Blake Griffin, Patty Mills and the rest of the team are more than happy to share the court with Aldridge again.

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