Wow: Delta Will Fly From Boston To Athens & Tel Aviv

Delta Air Lines has just revealed two awesome new international routes out of Boston…

Delta’s international expansion out of Boston

As of the summer of 2022, Delta plans to launch flights from Boston (BOS) to both Athens (ATH) and Tel Aviv (TLV):

  • The Athens flight will commence as of May 27, 2022, and operate 3x weekly with an Airbus A330-300
  • The Tel Aviv flight will commence as of May 26, 2022, and operate 3x weekly with an Airbus A330-900neo
Delta One on the Airbus A330-900neo

The flights aren’t yet on sale, but should be in the coming days. I’ll update the post once they go on sale, and we find out about the exact schedules.

In the past few years, Delta served up to eight transatlantic routes out of Boston, including to Amsterdam, Dublin, Edinburgh, Keflavik, Lisbon, London, Paris, and Rome. With these two additional routes, the airline could have up to nine transatlantic routes out of Boston by next summer (or perhaps even more — who knows what else is coming).

Athens and Tel Aviv are both destinations that Delta already serves out of other airports:

  • Delta flies to Athens seasonally out of Atlanta and New York
  • Delta flies to Tel Aviv year-round out of New York

In the past decade, no airline has flown between Boston and Athens, while EL AL has flown between Boston and Tel Aviv. Suffice to say that this is a huge development for Boston flyers.

Delta will soon start flying from Boston to Tel Aviv

What’s the motivation for these routes?

There’s really not any guessing required here, it’s pretty evident what the motivation behind these routes is. American Airlines and JetBlue Airways have a new strategic partnership, whereby American plans to add long haul flights out of the Northeast, while JetBlue provides much of the feed.

Because of this partnership, American has recently launched flights from New York to both Athens and Tel Aviv. It sure seems like Delta feared that American might soon do the same in Boston, so Delta decided to beat American to the punch. Talk about a direct competitive response.

The Department of Justice is currently challenging the partnership between American and JetBlue, arguing it’s bad for competition. While there are some areas where I understand the DOJ’s logic, it sure seems to me like this partnership is good for competition in long haul markets.

This is a direct competitive response to American

Bottom line

As of the summer of 2022, Delta will be launching 3x weekly flights from Boston to both Athens and Tel Aviv. These are two awesome new routes for Boston flyers to have access to — Athens never had a nonstop link to Boston, while Tel Aviv had service to Boston on EL AL.

This move by Delta is an obvious response to the partnership between American and JetBlue. I’m curious to see if American decides to replicate these routes as well, or if the airline continues to focus its long haul expansion on New York.

What do you make of Delta’s two new transatlantic routes from Boston?

(Tip of the hat to Zach Griff)

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