Silentish Saturday!!!

One mile @ 7:45 with my friend Kodi.

IMG 3261

PERFECT weather.

IMG 3247

All of the stretching and rolling afterward.

IMG 3248

Then to the park.

IMG 3252

Andrew can’t resist an obstacle course.

IMG 3262

He can just crawl away and not look back.

IMG 3255


IMG 3293


IMG 3283

Kid’s station for making signs.

IMG 3277

LOVED meeting people like Lisa (she is running a marathon in each state).

IMG 3298

They thought we were trick or treating… each booth had something fun for them.

IMG 3281

It feels so good to be back.

IMG 3299

Excited to see the starting line this morning.

IMG 3272


Tell me three things you have going on today??

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