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7 miles @ 8:42 average with one of those miles barefoot in the grass.  

IMG 3104

I saw my old coach the night before and he told me I have to go barefoot in the grass for 10 minutes a day to fix my plantar (bonus: the grass was very cold which made it so I was getting the benefits of icing my foot at the same time;).  

IMG 3100

Drinking allllllll of the Liquid IV this race week (code HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL gets you 25% off and free shipping). 

IMG 3123

Brooke lost another tooth!

IMG 3112

We both needed the hot tub to aid in our recovery from running.

IMG 3119

So proud of herself for completing her sports conditioning class.

IMG 3127

Skye is bringing the butterfly clips back into style:) 

IMG 3132

These two went to Costco with Andrew while I did things for the school race I’m putting together.

IMG 3141

This girl has mastered the backstroke at swim!

IMG 3151


IMG 3152

The only way I survive running through the winter.

IMG 3153

Andrew made the most perfect chocolate chip cookies.

IMG 3156

And I spent way too long making sure I had everything packed for the race… 2 more days!

IMG 3155


Give me your sentence of the day!

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