Bill Belichick takes shot at Tom Brady’s Buccaneers offense

It’s the universe’s most awaited reunion since ABBA (probably): Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will meet once again when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers visit the New England Patriots on Sunday. It’s arguably the most anticipated game this NFL season, as Brady will return to his former stomping ground for the first time since joining the Buccaneers.

While the two teams haven’t even stepped on the field, Patriots coach Belichick has already taken a swipe at Brady. The cantankerous tactician, who spent numerous years collaborating with Brady said he’s not expecting anything new from the Buccaneers skipper (via Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk).

 “It’s the offense he’s run his whole career. Well, I mean, as it evolved here, but you know. The running game is the running game. The running game is different, but passing game’s the passing game. That’s pretty similar. I mean, you could call almost every play from the flare control to the protection, you know, similar to the way we do it.”

Shots fired!

Belichick and Brady teamed up for six Super Bowl titles, leading the dynastic run of the Patriots. But through the years, their relationship deteriorated, prompting Brady to pack his bags and leave for the Buccaneers. Quite fittingly, he immediately led the squad to a Super Bowl title in his first year.

Expect fireworks on Sunday! With ABBA probably not blasting on the arena.

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