Tom Brady’s harsh realization as the oldest NFL QB

It finally hit Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady: he’s a really old man in a league that is seeing a massive youth movement.

In the latest episode of his Let’s Go! podcast, Brady expressed his shock with the number of young quarterbacks coming into the NFL and taking the starting positions. While it has always been that way, the Buccaneers signal-caller admitted he is not used to hearing the names of the youngbloods after going toe-to-toe against the likes of other household names like Drew Brees and Peyton Manning.

“I don’t remember this many rookies playing,” Brady said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “Even the second-year guys. Tua (Tagovailoa), (Justin) Herbert, (Joe) Burrow, Trevor Lawrence. (Justin) Fields played a little bit. Trey Lance played a little bit. Zach Wilson is playing. Mac Jones is playing. That’s a lot of young quarterbacks. Gone are the days of Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, Eli Manning. You know, those are the guys I’m used to hearing about. …”

With the current trend, Tom Brady acknowledged that he’ll also be forgotten soon as more and more young players come. The Buccaneers star, at 44 years old, is the oldest player and quarterback in the league.

“I’ll be forgotten here soon. I’ll move on and they’ll be onto someone else, but that’s just the way football goes, as does life,” Brady added.

For what it’s worth, even if he retires today, it’s unlikely Brady will ever be forgotten. After all, he has cemented his status as one of the best QBs of all time. And until someone beats his winning mentality while also getting seven or more Super Bowl rings, he’ll always be the greatest QB of all time.

Additionally, it’s not like anyone has forgotten about Brees, the Mannings or even Rivers!

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