The new iPad Mini was the best part of yesterday’s Apple’s event

Apple’s first fall event was mostly about iPhones, unsurprisingly. However, the device that caught my eye the most was the new iPad Mini, and I have my reasons.

While my colleagues and friends have raved about the new iPad Pros, I have never liked tablets of that size. The perpetual fear of an 11-inch iPad falling on my face when I’m lying on the bed and reading doesn’t sit well with me. Now the 8.3-inch iPad Mini that weighs in at just under 300g — that sounds like the perfect size for a tablet.

I still have my iPad 2 mini, and after thrift shop repairs, I can still use it as a spare reader. I wasn’t even planning to buy a new iPad, until Apple showed off that gorgeous new design. It retains the design language of iPhone and iPad Pros from the last year, with squared edges, slimmer bezels, and the power button (coupled with Touch ID support) on top.

The new iPad Mini