Silentish Saturday!

9 miles @ 8:45 average…

The temperatures in the morning are pure perfection right now.

IMG 1672 1

IMG 1690

IMG 1692

Went and had my hair trimmed and darkened a bit and Skye was very confused by what was going on when she Facetimed me.

IMG 1693

Teaching him young about mountain bikes..

IMG 1746

And running…

IMG 1747

IMG 1754

Brooke needed new running shoes and somehow she is now in WOMEN’S SIZES!  How did this happen?

IMG 1762

IMG 1772

The inside is decorated…

IMG 1659

Brooke wanted to go out and get in some miles with her new running shoes—> TWO MILES!

IMG 1787

Honoring our heroes today.

Remember 9 11 01


Tell me three things that you have going on today!

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