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Sleepy 9 miles @ 8:39 average—> I was up for a few hours the night before because I had probably the worst dream I have ever had, and I couldn’t sleep afterward.

IMG 1940

(Tank, shorts, shoes, and I had to use Andrew’s running belt because I couldn’t find my Koala Clip ((code: HRG10 gets you 10% off)) and I missed it the entire run)

Skye did her best to photobomb the above picture. 

IMG 1944

It was picture day for Skye, and she told me that this was the facial expression she was going to make for the picture.

IMG 2016

I spent a few hours at the school getting ready for RACE DAY coming up!

IMG 2026

Paninis with cheese, spinach, tomato, and guac.

IMG 2031

Skye’s dynamic drills before…

IMG 2039

Another RACE!

IMG 2047

Grandma was there!

IMG 2049

Grandpa was there too!

IMG 2053

Andrew was able to make it in time after his shift:)

IMG 2094

It was a 2k yesterday and pretty hot, so Brooke didn’t have the race she wanted, but she kept moving forward, which is all that matters!

IMG 2073

Time for one of the last workouts before my race.

IMG 2092

Oh, and we made chocolate-covered strawberries the other day, and this picture made me happy.

IMG 1921


Give me your sentence for the day, PLEASE!

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