On a scale from 1-10, how weird is it that I… + A RACE YESTERDAY!

(Long-sleeve, shorts, shoes, sunglasses)

9.99 (<— sometimes I do that to drive my Strava friends crazy;) miles @ 8:37 miles with Emilee and then home to get Brooke to school.

Skye, Beck, and I went over to Mer’s (my grandma) house to visit with her.

IMG 1493

Yesterday was filled with a lot of different errands for the race I am putting together.  A stop for peaches to snack on was a must.

IMG 1499

A very exciting part of yesterday was that Brooke and Skye had A RACE!  Our community offers races this time of year for kids, and I told the girls I would put them in whatever ones they want, so I was pretty excited they wanted to go yesterday.

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Skye’s wave went first, and Brooke ran with her, and she did AWESOME!  The race was 1k!

IMG 1507

And then Brooke’s wave went, and I don’t have a voice left after cheering for both races.

IMG 1547

Skye was pleased to have her own Gatorade.

IMG 1514

I loved sitting with them in the grass and hearing all of the details.  My heart actually exploded.

Brooke was the youngest in her race and did really well keeping up with the older kids!

IMG 1538

They did a great job with recovery:)

IMG 1545

I’ll share something my sister put together because I haven’t cooked anything in days (besides waffles and eggs, ha).  Instead of boiling gnocchi, she said that if you toss it in some olive oil and pesto and then bake it in the oven, it tastes better than ever.  The outsides are a bit crispy, and the insides are just as soft as ever.

IMG 1496

The winter pajamas have come out, and I need a pair of these too.

IMG 1399

Brooke sleeps like me (the second she is horizontal, she is OUT), and Skye sleeps like Andrew now (she has things she wants to do)!

IMG 1413


I thought of a random game to play today!

Go ahead and rate some of these things about me, and I would love it if you included some stuff about you (that others may think are strange) so that we can reply with our 1-10 ratings!

On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the weirdest), how weird is it that I…

1- I have never had coffee.  

2- I have never had alcohol.

3- I reapply my lip gloss roughly six times a day?  I probably use hand lotion six times a day too…

4- I MUST sleep with an eye mask on.

5- I can’t stand clutter on my counters, but clutter in my drawers is OK.

6- I put jam on my grilled cheese sandwiches.

7- I married Andrew 72 days after the first day I met him.

8- I enjoy sleeping with my socks on.

9- I wash my hair one time a week (<— that is my sister’s fault).

10- EVERY morning is a good morning IMO… I love the morning so much.

Feel free to answer as many as you want… Don’t worry; I think they are all pretty weird to so I won’t take offense;)

Tell us some things that are weird about you too!

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