It WOULDN’T Happen + A Big Day for Our Family.

(tank, shorts, long-sleeve, shoes)

I had an early workout with the crew and felt like I needed a nap by 9 a.m.

See the small dots way in front of me?  Those are my teammates, and this was towards the beginning of one of the intervals.


I am improving with my running, and that wouldn’t happen if I let coming in last keep me from showing up.

IMG 1554

I did 3 x 2 miles for my workout with about a 2.5-mile warm-up.  The third interval is the hardest… you climb 503 ft in the first 1.18 miles of the interval.

My legs were feeling pretty trashed from my long workout on Saturday and then trails on Monday, so I ignored paces and just ran by effort.   We have set courses for these 2-mile intervals, making it easy to not look at your watch and just run by feel.

As long as we are doing our best and putting in the effort—>  the fitness will be gained!

IMG 1562

Skye had her sports conditioning class and crushed it.

IMG 1571

And it was a very big day for our family and a first for Beck.

IMG 1584

The kids and Andrew look forward to this all year—> We decorated for Halloween.  I’m grateful our neighbors are encouraging of us putting up decorations way too early.

IMG 1591

And Mindy’s taco soup for dinner, it was fabulous.

IMG 1587

A few things before I let you go…

*Just one more picture from Brooke’s race.  Pretty sure I dreamed of this image the day I found out I was pregnant with her:). I’m trying my best to play it cool with their running and let them decide when/where/how, but it is bursting out of me a bit, ha.

IMG 1563

*When there is a sale on cereal at the grocery store…. I wonder how long it will take us to go through this?  I’m hoping at least a month;)

IMG 1548

*There are approximately 6,777 toys behind me, but whenever I attempt to do something on the computer while Beck is awake, he crawls over to try to unplug the computer.  I take it as his sign that he is telling me to wait until he is napping.

IMG 1564

*Do I need to buy these?  You know my deep love for candy corn + peanuts, but I have not tried this combo with chocolate peanuts.  Should I buy it next time I am at the store or continue with my usual recipe of happiness?

IMG 1498


Thoughts on candy corn?  Anything you like to add with it?  Should I try the above bag?

Too early to decorate for Halloween or not early enough?

When there is a sale at your grocery store of something you love, do you buy a bunch of it or just one or two?

What is a way that you have showed up for your running goals lately?

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