Too Late + Tuesday Tangents!

(Shorts, shoes, socks, tank, I won’t link bra because it chaffed me, headphones)

Do you ever pay attention to what your hands are doing while you are running?  Yesterday I realized that as I was running, I had one hand pretty much out and ready to give anyone I passed a high-five, and with my other hand, I had my thumb tucked in between my fingers and clenched.  Random, I know but it’s been 11 years of randomness on this website, it’s too late to change that now.

10 miles @ 8:23 pace.

We took Brooke to school, and then we went straight to TJ’s.

While we were there, I dropped a glass jar and it broke all over the floor.  I kept telling the employees that I would pay for it and clean up, but they would not let me.  They went and got me a new jar to put in the cart and told me to stop worrying because it happens all of the time.   I love going there for the products but also because they are always over the top nice to my kids and me.

IMG 1895

I love seeing what things people get at TJ’s, so I thought I would include what I bought yesterday (boring things not included in the pic like milk, produce etc).

Those chocolate croissants are actually too good and make sure to get the autumnal harvest pasta sauce.

IMG 1898

We went to Skye’s sports conditioning class and it is held during the time that Beck usually naps.  It’s always a gamble with how things go, but yesterday he was a bit more snuggly than usual, and he mostly just sat on my lap.

IMG 1904

At what age do stamps stop being the most motivating thing ever?

IMG 1913

Another recipe from Fatima.  It was a 10/10.  Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas!

IMG 1923


A few tangents to talk about…

*The other day, I was running up a hill with Brooke, and I said out loud (I love to share little mantras along the way), “I think I can, I think I can,” and Brooke suggested that we say, “I know I can” instead.  I loved it.  I’ll be thinking about that during my next race.

IMG 1544

*We tried something I’ve seen all over the place online.  Pop-it toy + blueberry + yogurt + the freezer = the kids loved it, and it just pops right out.

IMG 1800

*The time she ran around the driveway so that she could end on the mile… I have no idea who she learned this from;)  This marathon in a month has motivated her!

IMG 1798

*My current favorite post-run meal.   TJ’s roasted potatoes w/ peppers & onions, eggs, tomatoes, avocado, cheese, and peaches.

IMG 1575

*I’m rarely in Andrew’s truck because we usually take my car when we are together, but he always keeps one of my lip glosses in the cupholder so that I will not suffer from dry lips when we take his car.

IMG 1073

*Beck has been working on his calf raises each day.

IMG 1588

* Chocolate-covered cinnamon bears while waiting in the school pick-up line =  a good afternoon.

IMG 0394


Favorite lip balm, lip gloss, or lipstick?!  Or would you prefer nothing?

What’s something small that someone has done for you (or you have done for others) that has let you know that they care?

What stores/companies do you love because of their awesome customer service?

Do you ever run back and forth in front of your house to hit the mile or do you stop right when you get back home?

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