Simple Pleasures for Runners + Our Weekend!

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I had zero excuses to skip strength training on Saturday.  The kids wanted to play with chalk outside on the driveway, and I had all of my weights just staring at me from the garage.

I didn’t want to, but I did it anyway.  <— I keep reminding myself that if I want to keep running my entire life, this has to keep happening.

But before that, I met Emilee nice and early for 12 miles.   Sixty-two miles for my week, one day on the trails, and a speed workout.

IMG 1813

Later on, we heard about a flag flying in a canyon, so we went to check it out.

IMG 1831

We had a very relaxing Sunday.

IMG 1875

IMG 1866

Not sure what I would do without Brooke on the days Andrew works ha… probably stay home;)

IMG 1869

Fatima’s pesto chicken pasta for dinner.  <— She is one of my favorite accounts to follow.

IMG 1873


As runners, there are a lot of simple pleasures that come along with the sport.  The more that we look for these simple pleasures, the more we will find, which makes being a runner even more enjoyable.

I’ll share mine, and then I would love to hear yours…

*Finding that perfect everyday route.  The perfect loop.  The perfect out and back that gets in the exact mileage you want for the day.

*The downhill after the uphill.  Your legs let loose, your breathing slows down, and a bit of your sweat dries from your face because you are basically flying:)

IMG 1826

*When you have to go somewhere after your run, and you get the best parking spot which results in less walking to enter the store… your legs are tired from all of the running:)

*Having to stop for a stoplight when you are tired and need a breather or not having to stop at a stoplight when you want to avoid stopping because the lights were timed perfectly that morning.

*Not noticing your sports bra, your gear, your shoes, your socks… nothing!  <— because it all fits and feels so well that you don’t even have to think about it.

*A song coming on which seems to have the perfect beat for your cadence.

*When your socks match the detailing on your shoes.

IMG 1874

*The courteous driver that waves and makes sure to show you that they see you as you are crossing a road.

*Crawling into bed at night…  It just feels extra good on the days you got a good run in.

*When you are running along, and you glance down at your watch and realize you are running faster and/or further than you thought you were.

*Cookies.  Really, all food because running makes me even hungrier than usual, which makes the food taste even better, which brings a lot of joy.

IMG 1839

*The drinking fountain that you come across at just the right time.

*That instant boost of energy you get when you take a gel during your long run.

*How connected I feel to the earth when I run on dirt.

*That cloud that goes in front of the sun just when you need a bit of a break from the heat.

*The routine that running brings me, I’m a big fan of routines.  It’s a constant that sticks with me through all of the life changes.

*The newest version of your favorite running shoe being even better than the one you loved before.

*The moments in nature we see on the run that make you pause and feel so lucky—> sunrise/sunset, animals, waterfalls, rivers, the ocean, beautiful architecture, kind humans, God’s creations etc.

*The opportunity each day to go for a run.  It’s simple.  It’s wonderful.  It is one of my greatest gifts.


Tell me some of the simple pleasures you experience as a runner?  What about one from your most recent run?

Where is your weekly mileage at these days?!  Higher than normal, lower than normal or just about the same?

Favorite account to get recipes?

What was the best part of your weekend?

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